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Wikimedia dumps for Zaurus

What is that?

Wikimedia is a collection of Wikis (online document sources which may be edited by everyone), which focuses on dictionaries and lexica. There are different projects including

How does this work on a PDA?

Just take a PDA with much storage memory (a Sharp Zaurus with expansion slots) and use the open source application zBEDic for displaying its contents offline.
zBEDic is the Zaurus port for a program, which displays dictionaries (*.dic), basically used for translation dictionaries. There are several translation dictionaries on the zBEDic homepage.

Some words about the new dumps af 2005.

Currently I am developing a new conversion software in Delphi for creating these dictionaries. All new dumps in 2005 will be created using that software.
For these new dumps you need a ZBedic version 0.9.4 or higher to display correctly since the author did some improvements for large dictionary files.
If you are using OpenZaurus since version 3.5.1 you have to use the zbedic binary of the OpenZaurus feed. The users of the Sharp ROM and OpenZaurus versions 3.3.5 and below use this version: ZBedic arm binary download at

Note: There are just a few dumps for 2005 yet, I am currently processing further ones, so expect more to come soon!

Some words about the old dumps af 2004.

All versions of 2004 I did create using these resources.
Thanks to:

The Zaurus-Portal and some people, who contributed:
Markus Baumeister, who wrote the "original" script (which is actually another modification), which produced the static HTML pages
And Horst, who modified the script for conversion to *.dic-Files
And finally the (german) thread in the forum which supplied the infos for building the files.

Download instructions

Due to space limitations of my webhoster, the wikipedia files you can download here are not the final files containing the desired dictionary. These are just .torrent files, which are bittorrent files. To download the actual files, you need a bittorrent client, where you add these .torrent files to.
The other files are directly downloadable from here.
A very popular bittorrent client is Azureus. It is Java based and folks says, it is one of the fastest.

'); addInfoRow('Latest dumps from ','2005'); addInfoRow('Download DE wikipedia', downloadLink('', 'Wikipedia german dump 2005-11-27')); addInfoRow('Download DE wikibooks', downloadLink('', 'Wikibooks german dump 2005-04-21')); addInfoRow('Download EN wikibooks', downloadLink('', 'Wikibooks english dump 2005-04-21')); addInfoRow('Download DE wiktionary ', downloadLink('', 'Wiktionary german dump 2005-04-21')); addInfoRow('Download EN wiktionary ', downloadLink('', 'Wiktionary english dump 2005-04-21')); addInfoRow('Old dumps from','2005'); addInfoRow('(Old) Download DE wikipedia', downloadLink('', 'Wikipedia german dump 2005-04-06')); addInfoRow('(Old) Download DE wikipedia (small)', downloadLink('', 'Wikipedia german dump 2005-04-06 (articles not longer than 5000 bytes)')); echoAppFooter(); ?>